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5 Ways to Market your Business with a Limited Budget

marketing on a budget

When in business there are always organizations trying to grab your hard earned marketing dollars.Marketing-Sucess
We have compiled 5 ways to market your business and the good news is it’s FREE or Minimal Cost (apart from a little bit of time)











1. Use the Free directories to your advantage

Find all the free directories online and input your business details this will help your web presence and make it easier to find your business.
Here is a link to a few based around our New Zealand Directories
Hot Frog













Some of the latest stats are showing that between 65-85% of consumers are researching you, your business, or your goods and services before you even see them in store or at your place of work. Even more interesting is the over 55% of these are using a tablet or smart phone and based on the stats from 2013 in NZ the average spend on these devices is around $150 and done with a simple tap of the screen or swipe of the finger. At last count there was around 2 million smart devices in NZ.

Can your business afford to not be online these numbers are only going to get bigger

2. Set up a separate Business Facebook page
Using your personal login create a facebook business page doing it this way helps for searching and for easier setting up. (A separate business page doesn’t allow you to search out your client’s facebook pages easily)

Face book






Note: Clients want to know the personal side of who they dealing with that’s human nature but you don’t want to show them everything about your life this may scare a few off this is why we don’t want you to just add your personal facebook to the bottom of your website.

3. Set up a Loyalty Program
We all love something for free or of perceived value so reward your clients if they come back for repeat business. Coffee Shops and Hairdresser have mastered this for years. Most people will have some loyalty program in their wallet. This could be a 4c petrol voucher from shopping for your groceries or Air NZ air points, Flybuys, AA Smartfuel, and One Card.
You probably don’t have the budget for like the Big Business but it doesn’t mean you can’t set up a loyalty program to reward your repeat clients.







Here are some Ideas
• A simple as buy 10 and get the 11th for a discounted price or free
• Set up a dollar spent point system like for every $100 dollar spent they receive 10 points these points can buy they goods in store the products would also need a points value and a sell price.

4. Ask for Referrals
A good loyal client will also be your best sales person if they are pointed in the right direction or encouraged to promote your goods or services. You can prompt them to pass on referrals with a flyer put in with their invoice or a referral type card that you gather both parties details.
If you need help to get this set up for you business click here



Helpful Hint: The loyal client will sing your praise even more if they receive a thank you or a nice gift. Let’s face it we all love it when we get praised or thanked and it makes a lasting impression.



5. Take an Active part in Networking and Social Events
Search for networking groups in your area. By getting out and about talking to different people and businesses you never know who you meet. It could be your businesses next big client.
Helpful Hints
• We get comfort in putting a face to a name or business and are more likely to deal with this person or business in the future
• Go prepared to talk to new people not sit back in the corner and wait for someone to come to you.
• Don’t be the sales person selling your products. Take the line that you want to introduce this new person to the whole experience that is your business. A pushy sales person will scare them off you.
• Be prepared to listen and pick on your opportunities this could be just getting a business card to ring them later (if you do ring don’t sell over the phone unless prompted) try and set up a meeting at their convenience and remember that they are more than likely flat out in their business make a time to get them away from their business if you can. Go prepared for any questions.
• Think about your body language crossed arms or hands in pockets may be taken as not approachable