Logo Design & Business Branding

Graphic Design, Logos, Print Design, Design for Web, Business Branding


Flyers, Business Cards, Brochures, Books


Polos, Jackets, Corporate Clothing, Tees, Work Wear


Pens, Labels, Key Rings, Drink Bottles

Embroidery & Digital Logos

Team Names, Business Logos, Embroidery

Wakefield Print offers a full range of business branding products and services. We make it easy for you to come to one business and get all your requirements covered. We take the hassle of finding your correct logo from other sources to get your print media, website or facebook banner done.

Our Logo Design and Business Branding team make the process easy we can create your logo help put this correctly across all your media sources keeping your brand consistent. There are huge cost advantages in not paying several different design businesses to create your products. Each time you go to another business you pay them time to start designing.