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The Power Of Images In Online Marketing

Most businesses have now embraced social media as being a key platform for engaging and connecting with existing and potential customers. But do you fully appreciate the importance of images in this context? You see, high-quality images in your content will not only make you stand out from the crowd, they are also more likely to be shared by hundreds, even thousands of users, which means that your brand could be reaching a huge audience with a minimal amount of effort and outlay. Let’s find out more.

The Age Of Visual Culture

Nowadays, pretty much everyone has a smartphone and therefore access to a good digital camera. This has seen a massive increase not only in the number of photos being taken, but also in the number of photos being shared online. Social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Tumblr have embraced the visual medium and have made it incredibly easy to upload and share images online.

Businesses are increasingly recognising the importance of creating a visual brand and as a means of connecting with customers. The statistics back this up as well. Research tells us that articles containing relevant images as well as text receive 94 percent more views than articles containing just text. What’s more, include a photo in your Facebook post and you’ll see a 37 percent higher rate of engagement. Photos, graphics and visual images are more likely to be liked and shared by social media users than a purely text-based post. The visual image is fast replacing the written word as being the primary source of brand information and marketing.

Review Your Marketing For Visual Appeal

So, how visual is your content marketing? It’s worthwhile reviewing your existing marketing to make sure that you are maximising the visual appeal as photos and images are a great drawcard for customers.

For example, if you are issuing a press release about a new product, then why not include a high quality, professional photo or a video that showcases your new product? Doing so will see the number of views increase by more than 45 percent when compared to traditional text-based press releases.

And if your business has an e-commerce site, then with 67 percent of consumers reporting that the quality of a product image is very important in influencing their purchase decision, having a professional photo will make all the difference to your chances of closing the deal.

In another recent survey 60 percent of consumers advised that they are more likely to get in touch with a business when an image is displayed in search results. So make sure you take advantage of free initiatives such as Google My Business by including high-resolution professional photos.

And while you’re at it, regularly renew and refresh the imagery on your website. Updating the photos and graphics is an easy way to keep the content fresh and engaging.

The bottom line is that visual imagery is now more important than ever to your brand identity and marketing initiatives.  Make sure you are optimising the opportunity with high quality, professional images.

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