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Sustainability is important to us. We are proud to be a Carbon Positive business – meaning we offset 20% more carbon than we produce.

In 2020 we decided to take a look at our business with a view to sustainability. It was a bit of journey, and meant taking an honest look at our business activities to see what environmental impact we were having, and then what we could do about it.

One advantage of the Covid-19 lockdown for us was a bit of extra time, and we used the time to do something we’ve been thinking about for a long time – doing our bit for sustainability.

What does this mean for you?

Put simply, it means we’ve thought about our energy use and our impact on the environment. This means you can use our services confident in the knowledge that we are doing our bit! Not many businesses put sustainability at the forefront of their decision making. We have, because it’s important to us.


How did we achieve this?

The first step was to measure our Carbon footprint. We are a printing business, and our assumption was that the majority of our carbon footprint would be from electricity use. We were wrong – it turns our the biggest impact we have is through our company vehicles. For the first time we had a clear picture of this.

Recycling Old Products

Have you ever wondered what happens to materials at the end of their lives? Many large corporations, including Fufi Xerox are finding innovative ways to sustainably recycle their old products.

Fuji Xerox Printer Recycling

We use Fuji Xerox printers for their exceptional quality, but also because they maintain a responsible sustainability programme that is in line with our ethos when it comes to the environment.

Deconstructing a Printer

The deconstruction process of old commercial printers is intricate. This video shows how the various components are broken down, and then recycled.

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